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5 ultra hyped games that are coming soon and what to play while you wait

Drool over some of the tastiest titles to tease us from this year’s E3 expo, then sate your cravings with a similar, on-the-market game

5 ultra hyped games that are coming soon and what to play while you wait
17 July 2018

Waiting for that new console/PC game? Waiting for pay-day to afford those high retail prices? Why not try these amazing alternatives to beat the waiting game; maybe even get some training ready for that eventual digital masterpiece to arrive.

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Death Stranding

Technologically confusing, but very exciting

Genre: Action

Platform: PS4

What’s coming: This major project from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has been teetering on “next big thing” status for what feels like millennia now. But we got our juiciest preview yet of this A-List Sony release at E3 this year. The teasers we’ve seen so far seem heavy on atmosphere, even if we’ve still got some serious questions about what in the foggiest chuff it’s all about.

While you wait: For a dose of something post-apocalyptic try 2012’s survivalist horror Deadlightabout a park ranger trying to find his family after the zombies have descended

Release date: TBC (with a ‘latest date’ set for 2019)


One character, no instructions…best of luck

Genre: Action adventure

Platform: Xbox One(Further details TBA)

What’s coming: Very much the late stage Charlie Parker to the rest of E3’s Take Five, this is an odd and much-anticipated little gem in the making. A self-styled “voyage of exploration” that can turn that claim into something more than just an inane PR platitude. You play an unnamed island explorer on a mission to, well, we don’t know that yet. But there won’t be any tutorials, text or heads-up display, so the concept actually encompasses the controls and systems as well as the narrative itself.

While you wait: Pick up on the boutique oddness of Playstation Network classic Noby Noby Boy. Can computer games be truly surreal? This screams a resounding yes. Do yourself a favour and bone up on it, here.

Release date: 2018 (TBD)

Crackdown 3

Terry Crews is in it? Awesome!

Genre: Action Adventure

Platform: Xbox One

What’s coming: The original trailer for Crackdown 3 first dropped at last summer’s E3 and we’ve been mulling it over ever since. Terry Crews, neon clad, screaming “now it’s time to get to work” felt like a sugar injection straight into our jaded retinas. After some inevitable delays the futuristic shooter is due for release in February next year.

While you wait: For a similar blend of humour and solemn destruction, try third-person shooter Saints Row IV. If nothing else you’ll get the bass-heavy pleasure of firing a “dubstep gun”, which is a gun that, when fired, plays… we’ll leave Poirot to work this one out.

Release date: February, 2019

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Forever posing for the camera’s

Genre: Superhero

Platform: PS4

What’s coming: Fresh from making battle alongside the Avengers in one of the year’s biggest movies, Spider-Man is web-slinging his way to PS4. There has to be something centred around an older and wiser Peter Parker who is 23, so presumably struggling with New York rent alongside grappling with the forces of darkness. Helpfully, there’s a heap of in-game play that you can check out on YouTube. Sony have brought some heavy previews to E3 and who knows, maybe it’ll trump the classic PS2 platformer Spiderman 2.

While you wait: You’d have to go back over a decade to the aforementioned and last high-quality Spidey offering, so why not revisit 2013’sDeadpoolgame and go to battle with the fourth wall instead?

Release date: 7 September, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Endless classic

Genre: Fighting

Platform: Nintendo Switch

What’s coming: The Nintendo Switch is a year old and judging by the sheer number of catatonic heads-down gamers we have to dodge just to get on the Jubilee Line at Canada Water each morning, it’s a hit. What better justification could you possible have for taking the plunge than the bombastic arrival of everyones fave 10th birthday ruiner Super Smash Bros. on the console?

While you wait: If you’ve already got a Switch, you could do a lot worse than Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. But if you must play on the train, please remember, when we say “excuse me mate”, we really mean if you don’t move immediately we will smash your little gameboy toy on the ground and stamp on the plastic until it squeals.

Release date: 7 December, 2018

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