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Marvel's Fantastic Four reboot update: filming details revealed

And the release date is set for February 2025.

Marvel's Fantastic Four reboot update: filming details revealed
Andrew Williams
08 February 2023

We already know Marvel movie Fantastic Four is due out in February 2025, but director Matt Shakman has now said the plan is to start filming early next year.

Shakman revealed this nugget in an interview with Collider, while discussing the his current project, The Consultant. That’s an Amazon Prime show due later this month, one that stars Christoph Waltz.

Other information on Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie is thin on the ground. While John Krasinski played Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic, in last year’s Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, it is believed someone else may take on the role in 2025’s film. It was, apparently, very much a “cameo” role for Krasinski.

The latest rumour is Adam Driver may be up for this leading role. He is yet to star in one of Marvel’s movies, but has of course made a huge impact in another of Disney’s series — as Kylo Ren in multiple Star Wars films.

But will Fantastic Four be any good? This particular Marvel property has not had the easiest run in cinemas to date.

2005’s Fantastic Four sits at a stinky 28% over at Rotten Tomatoes. 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer didn’t fare much better at 37%. And the 2015 reboot ended up with an almost comically awful 9%.

The good news: Matt Shakman is a bit of a Marvel veteran, having directed the highly regarded WandaVision TV series.

However, much of his career has been spent firmly embedded in TV land. According to IMDb Shakman’s last movie was 2014’s Cut Bank. No, we haven’t seen that one either.