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This LEGO x Marvel Avengers Tower Battle set is the cheapest we've seen it

Watch out! There are super(hero) deals about.

This LEGO x Marvel Avengers Tower Battle set is the cheapest we've seen it

There's nothing better than a Superhero-meets-LEGO collaboration (except for maybe the excited whispers of DC and Marvel comic book fans discovering the super savings to be had on the best LEGO sets around).

Sorry, we just can't help ourselves when it comes to digging up the best deals around.

This Marvel Avengers Tower Battle Set with Iron Man, Black Widow and Red Skull is no exception, as we've just spotted there's currently a massive 15% off its regular price tag!

Now on sale at £67.99 - the lowest price we've ever seen on Amazon (as if you needed an excuse), this is a bargain worth nabbing.

Marvel-ous savings to be had on this LEGO x Marvel Avengers Tower Battle set!

Whether you're a big kid or a little kid, the draw of LEGO will always be there. It's pretty much a fact of life.

Complete with 7 LEGO mini figures, including Iron Man (plus 2 additional armour incarnations: Blazer and Tazer), Black Widow, Red Skull and 2 A.I.M. Agents, there's hours of entertainment to be had.
The blast-open jail and collapsable balcony means you can recreate explosive action sequences to your heart's content, while the addition of rocket launchers, Black Widow's Sky Cycle and the Infinity Gauntlet at to the party.

Usually priced at £79.99, this 15% off deal definitely caught our attention for all the right reasons.

Ideal as a standalone present (for ourselves) or paired up with other lego sets like the LEGO Marvel Avengers Iron Man Armoury, there's hours of fun to be had building your collection.

But remember, these deals are fleeting, so be sure to snap them up while you can!