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The Marvel head honcho has revealed whether Deadpool survived Thanos' finger-snap at the end of 'Infinity War'

Did the Merc With A Mouth make it?

The Marvel head honcho has revealed whether Deadpool survived Thanos' finger-snap at the end of 'Infinity War'
30 October 2018

Q: Who is the most powerful individual in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Is it Thanos, who ended so many lives with a click of his massive fingers? Doctor Strange, master of the mystic arts? Dormammu, the entity behind the Dark Dimension?

A: None of them. It’s a balding 45-year-old dude from Boston.

This dude, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and producer of every film in the MCU.

Kevin Feige at this weekend’s Britannia Awards

While all the films in the MCU have their own writers and directors, it’s Feige that oversees the whole thing. If he wants six more Thor films, there’ll be six more Thor films. If he wants everyone to die, everyone dies. He’s therefore a good person to quiz, if you ever get the chance, on the fates of any and all of the characters in the MCU. And, potentially, beyond - there is a deal currently in the world between Fox and Disney, which if it goes ahead would bring both the MCU and the X-Men universe under the same ownership.

With that in mind, a reporter from Variety asked Feige about the fate of Deadpool.

His answer isn’t the most definitive one ever.

“That’s a good question. Nobody’s asked me that question,” he said.

“I mean, technically speaking, he was not in the MCU. He was not in that cinematic universe, so he was not affected, probably.”

It’ll be interesting to see if and how the merger affects the separate continuities. The Fox one, with the X-Men and Deadpool films, is a bit of a nightmare in terms of continuity, something which is played for laughs in the Deadpool films and kind of ignored in the X-Men ones (how come each film is currently set a decade after the last but everyone’s still 25?), while the MCU looks likely to introduce time travel in the upcoming Captain Marvel and/or Avengers 4 to bring people back after Thanos’ murderous clicking. 

Quicksilver and Quicksilver

It’s not outside the realms of possibility that they could one day be combined, although there’d have to be a deeply odd conversation about who exactly Quicksilver was. The X-Men character played by Evan Peters and the (dead) MCU character played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson are based on the same character from the comics - the Fox films can’t mention them as members of the Avengers, while the Marvel films can’t call them mutants or mention their dad Magneto - so things could easily get confusing.

If it all happens, though, Feige’ll be ready: “For years and years the dream has been to have access to as many of our characters back, so we could tell those stories at Marvel Studios,” he said. “If and when that happens I’ll be very excited. (…) We have ideas [for Deadpool] going back 18 years, but nothing specific.”


(Image: 20th Century Fox)