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X-Men fans are unreasonably furious about an umbrella in the ‘Dark Phoenix’ trailer

Was it deliberate? Was it a mistake? They're not waiting to find out

X-Men fans are unreasonably furious about an umbrella in the ‘Dark Phoenix’ trailer
Tom Victor
28 September 2018

If you’ve found yourself surrounded by fans of comic book movies, you’ll know nothing gets past them.

And, in fairness, the attention to detail across the genre has often been pretty flawless – to be expected as it becomes the preserve of big-budget films which more than recoup their outlay.

However, there will occasionally be exceptions, and when that happens we’re left with countless people pointing out exactly what’s wrong.

The latest addition to the X-Men universe is Dark Phoenix. Set for release in in February 2019 the film focuses on Jean Grey (played by GOT’s Sophie Turner) and her transformation into Dark Phoenix, an all powerful mutant dubbed the X-Men’s ’most formidable and powerful foe.’

The trailer, which you can see below also features fellow cast members James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and more, but there’s one thing that’s a little off.

You only see it briefly, at around the 1:45 mark in the video below, but it’s left fans baffled.

That’s right, Storm (Alexandra Shipp) is holding an umbrella. As those familiar with the character know, Storm can control the weather, so it seems odd that she would hold up a brolly instead of, y’know, just getting the rain to stop.

Is it a deliberate decoy, part of a plot point where she is required to mask her true powers (visibly controlling the weather would be a dead giveaway) or is it just something the creators have overlooked?

Perhaps she caused the rain because someone gave her an umbrella as a gift and she was too polite to explain she didn’t have a use for it. Ever thought about that?

Plenty of X-Men fans have come down firmly in the ‘it was a mistake’ camp, and they’ve responded by getting visibly exasperated online.

Still, someone had a solid theory about the move, adding to the ‘nothing is ever too obvious’ argument…

(Images: Fox/Youtube)