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Hmm, looks like the UK won’t be getting The Mandalorian all at once

It will be rolled out week by week

Hmm, looks like the UK won’t be getting The Mandalorian all at once
19 February 2020

In the US, The Mandalorian's second season has already been announced.

But here in Europe, we've not even had a chance to see the first.

And for anyone absolutely desperate to watch the series legally in the UK, we have more bad news – when Disney+ does eventually land over here, we're going to have to watch the series week by week.

So whilst the March 24th Disney+ release date is still on track, we won't be able to watch anything all in one go – which will undoubtedly irritate fans who have to avoid spoilers for several more months.

Another tweet from the account also suggests that some content will be released "at the same time as our friends in the US" but that "there will be some variation in content between countries". This may be another concerning hint that we're going to get a Mandalorian situation again: fans in the US tweet about big plot twists, and we're still weeks or months behind.

The decision may have been made to avoid subscribers dropping off – it's not absurd to think that many big Star Wars fans will just subscribing to the service for the Mandalorian, and Disney will undoubtedly want to hold onto them for as long as possible.

But after months of hardcore, plot-spoiling coverage of the show from the US, it is disappointing.