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Man transforms Car into "Caravan"

So his 100-year-old mum can realise her dreams

Man transforms Car into "Caravan"
16 October 2012

A heart-warming tale for you from China where one man has transformed a second-hand car into a ‘caravan’ so that he can take his mother travelling around China.

Chen Luxue came up with the idea after taking his mother to Qingcheng Mountain in Chongqing. He says “My mother was very happy in the scenic spot and said it'll be great if she can travel around the country. I swore quietly that I must realise her dream”.

Chen bought a second-hand Peugeot and set about transforming it. On top of the car he installed a tent for himself and his wife, he removed the passenger seat and installed a bed for his mother and also fitted a big steel storage tank on the back.

According to Chen the car allows four adults to sleep, cook, shower, and even go to the toilet. "My mother is about 100 years old," Chen brilliantly guestimated "and I have to realise every dream of hers. Any reasons like no money or no time are weak to a responsible son. When we become rich or have enough time, maybe our beloved person has passed away."

Images: Rex