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Netflix helped this man propose to his girlfriend in a very impressive way

Do you think this is sweet or creepy?

Netflix helped this man propose to his girlfriend in a very impressive way
18 December 2017

As Christmas speedily approaches and couples begin to feel especially romantic, you’re probably going to see a flurry of heartfelt marriage proposals clogging up your social media feeds. But if you’re planning on pulling off an unforgettable proposal that’ll blow all others out of the water, you might as well give up because we’ve now witnessed the most epic proposal of 2017.

In a video uploaded by Netflix US earlier today, Conor and Kamela (an impossibly good-looking All American couple) can be seen sitting down to watch an episode of Santa Clarita Diet.

In the clip, called “The Big Elaborate Secret Netflix Marriage Proposal,” we find out that the pair have been together for just under six years. Kamela – the unsuspecting girlfriend – had apparently been told she was taking part in a Gogglebox-style reality show and when Conor appears on screen, it quickly becomes clear that he’s going to propose.

Conor says: “This is not a show babe, this is not real. This is all for you…Babe, it’s been awesome being your boyfriend, but if you’re cool with it, I’d rather be your husband.”

“Of course,” she replies. “Oh my god.”

“Congratulations Kamela!” Barrymore says from the TV.

It’s a good thing she said yes or the whole stunt could have ended up being painfully awkward/incredibly hilarious.

And the reaction to the clip seems pretty positive. Britley Adler commented: “It’s 7 AM, @netflix. I didn’t need to be crying this early in the day. So cute!!!” And O Madeira said: “OMG I’m here in my breakfast crying a lot with this video. Amazing, amazing OMG congratulations.”

But what do you think? Was it sweet or a little creepy?

(Image: Netflix)