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Luxury £1,500 Batman Trainers

Luxury £1,500 Batman Trainers

Luxury £1,500 Batman Trainers
30 October 2014

Remember those Batman trainers you always wanted as a kid? The ones with the black and yellow velcro straps with the logo on the tongue? While your mother no longer dictates your shoe selection (hopefully), she might not be too impressed to hear that you've bought a pair of Berluti's new Dark Knight kicks.

It's not because they're tasteless - far from it. The luxury male footwear label has gone all out to create a fitting shoe for Batman's 75th anniversary: a hand-made, luxury calf skin leather high-top, with perforated toe cap and engraved tongue, finished off with fat yellow lacing and the Bat sign logo painted on the heel. 

No, the reason she'll be unimpressed is that you've sunk £1,500 (€2,000) on a pair of trainers. Part of the Batman celebrations at Parisian store colette, the Berluti shoes are just one in a series of DC sponsored_longforms, including Thierry Lasry sunglasses, a Romain Jerome watch and Cinabre bow tie

If you're feeling particularly flush and have always wanted to live out the lifestyle of Bruce Wayne (albeit, a little less covertly), happy shopping. 

(Images: colette)