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They're bringing back 'Shipwrecked', because 'Love Island'

"It should go down well with the snowflake generation"

They're bringing back 'Shipwrecked', because 'Love Island'
17 April 2018

If you are unaware of the unstoppable behemoth that is Love Island, then it is a mystery as to what it is exactly you have been doing with your life for the past year. Sure, you may not have watched it, but if you don’t know what it is, then, there’s not much to be done for you, sorry.

For those in the know, they recognise it as the reality dating show to end all reality dating shows - a bunch of perma-tanned fame-chasers plonked in a fancy villa in Spain and goaded into shagging each other. It’s brilliant.

So now to another reality show that involves perma-tanned fame-chasers plonked in another country, and that is Shipwrecked. It first started in 2000 and ran for eight seasons until 2012, and it was top-drawer stuff, make no mistake.

Clearly, as Love Island was brought back and became immensely popular, the logic goes that the same should happen for Shipwrecked. Will this be the case? The jury is well and truly out, but a TV insider told The Sun

There will most likely be many more tattoos and larger muscles this time around

“Lots of people have fond memories of watching Shipwrecked in their youth and dreaming about joining the fun in paradise.

“Now Channel 4 have decided to give millennials the same experience, after Love Island proved sun-kissed hunks and beauties frolicking in a tropical setting can result in huge ratings.

“While there have been similar shows recently, like The Island and Mission Survive, they are all about making people miserable by forcing them to fight for their lives in the wild.

The crew behind Newsnight… no hang on, no it’s the cast of Love Island

“On Shipwrecked, the biggest hardship the castaways faced was getting tan lines. It should go down well with the snowflake generation.”

The show, which launched the careers of reality TV mainstays like Jeff Brazier and Sarah-Jane Crawford (as well as featuring a young Stephen Bear before he hit the ‘big time’), is probably a perfect fit for today’s televisual landscape of addictive trash, and chances are it’ll do big numbers.

Either way, let’s hope they fix the major problem that all previous seasons of the show shared: no alligators.

(Image: Channel 4)