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Literally just 10 pictures of Bradley Wiggins looking cool AF

As he calls time on his illustrious career, we salute a style icon

Literally just 10 pictures of Bradley Wiggins looking cool AF

With his Sixties mod ethos, Bradley Wiggins should have made his name hustling punters in working men's clubs, battering those who beat him over the head with the cue. But no, the 36-year-old has spent his career making a case to be considered one of the greatest cyclists of all time, winning, among many other titles, the Tour De France, and not to mention enough Olympic Gold to put Mr. T to shame. 

And with Wiggo now announcing his retirement from cycling, and the sport subsequently becoming 250 per cent less cool, we’ve compiled an extremely stylish gallery of the man’s greatest looks.

Going for gold

If this was us about to compete in an Olympic cycling race with the whole world watching, we'd be touching cloth and sweating profusely. But the former Tour de France winner seems to be taking it in his stride, most probably listening to Paul Weller in his bright orange adidas joggers.

Bit of blue for the dads

There’s standing out from the crowd, and there’s ‘F*ck this, I’m Bradley Wiggins’ – just look at that mighty fine blue peacoat, eclipsing all beneath it like a giant tsunami of style.

All brown everything

All black? Too mainstream. The future is obviously head-to-toe brown. What some would consider to be vintage geography teacher chic is actually one of the coolest earthy suits we've ever seen.


Not many people can draw attention away from a Wimbledon match, but a low cut double breasted waistcoat with contrast ivory buttons will just about do it.

Right said Fred

Another fine example of Sir Bradley Wiggins' Fred Perry collection, constructed in fine cotton pique and featuring contrast ribbed cuffs and a zip fasten cycling pocket.

King Pin (stripe)

A lot of men would look like an old Italian gangster in a pinstripe suit of this magnitude, but the statement tailoring lover pulls it off and looks like a retro legend.

Anyone for polo?

Fred Perry is a staple brand for many subcultures, so ol' Wiggers must've been over the moon when he was asked to collaborate with the iconic British label on a range of cycling inspired zip up polo tops.

Cigarettes & Alcohol & Cycling

Liam Gallagher hates just about everybody (yes, even you), so if someone gets his approval they must have something special about them. We're going to say it's the high button double breasted blazer in light grey, teamed beautifully with matching blood red tie and pocket square.


How gutted would you be if you got mud up this three buttoned, wide lapel suit and scuffed your brogues? Just get the tube if you're going to be dressed like that.

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Image credits: Rex/Getty

Miles Ahead

Two mods bumping into each other is like when two dogs in the park meet: they size each other up then check out each other's arses.

It's not often Miles Kane can be challenged in the style department, but Wiggins comes first here with his timeless grey three piece suit (we'll forgive that he has his final waistcoat button done).