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Liam Gallagher is going to release a solo album

Oasis man goes it alone

Liam Gallagher is going to release a solo album

Anyone on Twitter has, at one point or another, probably regretted something they've posted that they've then had to take back at a later date.

But we can't imagine regret is something that Liam Gallagher really does.

However, having tweeted this back in January in response to a suggestion by his dear brother, Noel:

It has now been revealed that he has signed a deal with Warner Bros records, to release - yes, you guessed it - a solo record in 2017.

Fair play to the guy though, for manning up and accepting the consequences:

In a press release, Liam is quoted as saying, "Very excited to be signing to the mighty Warner Brothers; looking forward to making some super sweet sounds. Keep the faith!"

Meanwhile, Phil Christie, President of Warner Bros UK added, “Liam’s one of the all-time greats - brilliant, distinctive, controversial and captivating. The album he’s currently recording is big, bold and heartfelt, and it feels important and culturally relevant.”

Liam celebrating his signing with label 'suits'

As if it needed saying, Liam made his name as the frontman of Oasis, selling a whopping 77 million albums. After they split in 2009, he went on to form Beady Eye - essentially Oasis minus his brother Noel - who had two top five records, but never quite captured the imagination in the same way as his original band.

So what will a Liam solo record sound like? Which producers will he working with? Will he be writing everything or co-writing with others? Whatever your thoughts, he remains one of the most powerful singers around, so if he gets it right, it could be very special indeed.