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These LEGO superfans just opened a restaurant selling 'brick burgers'

McDonald’s must be bricking it

These LEGO superfans just opened a restaurant selling 'brick burgers'
09 February 2017

Considering the pain associated with stepping onto LEGO, it’s only logical to assume imagine hell itself is actually built on carefully upturned pieces of the plastic toy.

Indeed: blocky; dangerous; notably not edible – outside of those snot-nosed younger siblings rushed to A&E for swallowing one whole, any right-minded person will have never associated the toy with an appetising aesthetic, and yet here we are, bringing you news of burgers shaped like LEGO in a chain in the Philippines.

But then look at that. Just look at it. Your younger brother was right all those years ago. It’s actually the perfect shape.
Serving their meaty wares in bright red, yellow and black buns, Brick Burger makes its patties from Australian beef, while patrons can fill the time waiting for their food by dicking about with LEGO sets on the tables. The brainchild of LEGO superfan Jergs Correa, there are ten different burgers which diners can have topped with mac and cheese, bacon, onions, and barbecue sauce. 

Evidently, it’s the sort of joint set to draw as many adults doped up on nostalgia as it is children, making it a winner in our eyes. Now we just await news of a UK operation.

McDonald’s must be bricking it.