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LeBron James has been officially announced for 'Space Jam 2'

We've waited long enough!

LeBron James has been officially announced for 'Space Jam 2'
20 September 2018

Space Jam eh? That film about the cartoon characters playing basketball with Michael Jordan? Remember that? It was, erm, 22 years ago? That’s absolutely ages, that is - we absolutely forgive you if you’ve forgotten it. But then again, this is Hollywood, baby, and it doesn’t matter how relevant a certain property is anymore - that ain’t gonna stop it being revisited, is it?

As is the case here, with today’s official announcement that Space Jam 2 is 100% on the cards - you can thank LeBron James for breaking the news:

There we go - that’s Bugs Bunny’s vest sitting right next to James’ sneaks in the locker room of dreams. Also featured are the director’s bag (that’s Random Acts Of Flyness creator Terence Nance) and producer Ryan Coogler’s shorts (the main man behind Black Panther) - a pretty strong team, we think you’ll agree.

Also, there’s another clue hidden in the image - the movie’s release date, which appears to be January 23, 2021, which as you can probably recognise, is quite a long time away. So that’s even longer to wait before we can see Bugs and Bron on the court together - why must they do this to us? Why must they tease us so?

(Images: Getty/@kingjames)