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Leaked Godfall footage offers a glimpse of what the PS5 can do

The seven second clip has weapons aplenty.

Leaked Godfall footage offers a glimpse of what the PS5 can do
Danielle de Wolfe
21 January 2020

As the world remains poised for an announcement confirming the launch date of the highly-anticipated PS5 console, fans have been treated to what’s reported to be leaked Godfall footage, giving them a glimpse of what they can expect from the forthcoming gaming experience.

Surfacing on, you guessed it, Reddit, the footage is reportedly a snapshot of what to expect from the upcoming Gearbox title - which is also set to land on PC.

The six-second clip shows that the third-person actioner is packed full of weapons and combat moves aplenty.

Posted by Reddit user YeaQuarterDongIng, the clip is said to be taken from an internal trailer dating back to early 2019.

Leaked Godfall footage offers a glimpse of what to expect from PS5 and PC gameplay

It goes without saying that similar clips do the rounds ahead of every launch and should never be taken at face value. That being said, it does bear a marked resemblance to the trailer shown at The Game Awards - which does add a dash of credibility to the leak.

We’ve since learnt that the forthcoming Godfall game is set to incorporate a loot system where players try to obtain "legendary weapons and armor" according to the website.

Additionally, players will be given the option to partake in either "one, two, or three player co-op play". Exciting stuff.

Now all we have to do is sit tight and await the launch at some point this year.