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The trailer for the 'League of Gentlemen' comeback has landed

And there's some scarily familiar faces

The trailer for the 'League of Gentlemen' comeback has landed
06 December 2017

It’s just under four months since the news was confirmed that the oddest TV gang there ever was, the League of Gentlemen, were coming back to our screens for a trio of specials to celebrate their twentieth anniversary.

And excitement, as well as trepidation, has grown with each passing day: will it be as good as it was back in the day? Will it still be as downright weird, disturbing and strange as it was all those years ago? After all, it’s now fully 15 years since the TV show finished (there was a movie in 2005 of course).

Well, be prepared to push those doubts to one side the second you set your lucky eyes on the trailer for the new episodes because it really feels like they’ve never been away.

Yes, the old favourites - Edward, Tubbs, Pauline, Mickey, Herr Lipp, Reverend Bernice, Matthew the vet, Les McQueen, the Dentons and more - are back and looking as menacing and bizarre as ever.

The specials, featuring the talents of Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, will air on BBC on 18, 19 and 20 December, so prepare to have that fuzzy feeling of festive cheer well and truly neutralised by a healthy dose of pure hilarious, mixed with an unsettling queasiness.

(Image: BBC)