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Lancome's formula for men

The anti-ageing product to end all anti-ageing products

Lancome's formula for men
11 October 2011

It was around this time two years ago that women the world over began hyperventilating over a scientific discovery that would lead to the elusive font of youth.

The white coats at Lancôme had discovered a protein profile on the skin that, like a ‘barcode’, contained all the genetic information that contributes to youthfulness. And, with that knowledge, they patented a formula to keep said barcode in check. Predictably, it sold like youth-infused hotcakes.

In the interest of making the most of all the research and development that goes into this stuff – some ten years of head-scratching about genomics (the study of genes) and proteomics (the study of skin proteins) - the technology has finally made its way into a men's grooming product.

The active complex found in Men Genefic HD, the anti-ageing product to end all anti-ageing products, promises to protect and promote the proteins responsible for all the hallmarks of young skin: luminosity, tone, moisture and elasticity. It also does a rather good job of rebuilding the skin's barrier function after shaving, making it something of an 'everything-but-the-kitchen-sink' sort of product.

Inexplicably limited distribution, however, means you'll have to hunt this potion down from Harrods in London or online.

Génefic HD Youth Activating Concentrate £55 from Harrods and

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