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Here's how you can buy Kendrick Lamar's Hawaiian shirt from his new video

Time to channel a little Kung Fu Kenny...

Here's how you can buy Kendrick Lamar's Hawaiian shirt from his new video
19 February 2018

If you were one of the people lucky enough to have seen Kendrick Lamar on his whistlestop UK tour last week, you might well have been having visions of yourself in a strappy white Craig Green robe, like the world’s coolest straightjacket, the kind Kung Fu Kenny rocked on stage surrounded by terrifying pyrotechnics without ever breaking a sweat. 

In reality, you’re probably not going to be able to pull that off, are you? In reality, you’d look a bit like you were just wandering around town in your bath robe. It’s fine, we can admit that here. It’s a safe space. 

But now, with Kendrick’s ‘All The Stars’ video dropping earlier in the month (featuring SZA, and from the critically-acclaimed accompanying soundtrack to the critically acclaimed movie Black Panther), there’s another obsession to observe: the rapper’s surprisingly wearable (and buyable) Hawaiian shirt.

The bods over at HighSnobiety managed to spot Kenny’s shirt on MR. PORTER and we’re eternally thankful. Produced by NYC-based label You As, the muted-yet-flashy ‘Miles’ shirt is inspired by 60s Las Vegas and cut from fluid matte-satin, meaning it’s both comfortable and cool. It is £265, though. That is, admittedly, the only draw back.

Hawaiian shirts were a key trend last summer, with the flashy jawns finally moving out of the sartorial cluthes of dads on holiday and steroided-up Essex lads in Beefa and onto the torsos of regular folk. There’s no reason why tropical prints would be on the out this summer, but they still can be a tricky trend to conquer: it’s important to find a print that fits with your skin tone (if you’re a sunburn prone boy, please do not buy a red/orange print) and dress around it with fairly muted tones. 

But it’s probably most important to find one you’ll be able to wear without it wearing you. There’s nothing worse that feeling led around by a standout item of clothing, like you’re being pushed to the front of the room to great aunts you barely know, your cheeks flushed and mouth dry, so make sure you find the right one for you.

The You As ‘Miles’ camp-collar shirt (£265) is available from MR. PORTER now