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Jordan Peele had the best reaction to 'Get Out''s Oscar nominations

Congratulations, Jordan!

Jordan Peele had the best reaction to 'Get Out''s Oscar nominations
23 January 2018

The 2018 Oscar nominees have finally been revealed, and people are predictably going ham all around the world, because that’s what happens every year. 

Of course, it’s usually an uninteresting sludge of same-old, same-old and very firmly out of my zone of interest, but this year things are a little different. Get Out, a horror film and one of my favourites of last year, is up for a staggering four nominations. A good film? A film I like? Up for an Oscar - we truly live in mysterious times.

In total, the film is up for Best Picture, Best Director for Jordan Peele, Best Actor for Daniel Kaluuya and Best Original Screenplay - that’s a pretty impressive haul, I think you’ll agree. And as such, Jordan Peele (who is just about one of my favourite people in the entertainment industry) has taken to Twitter to express his gratitude:

(In case you’re wondering, the Sunken Place is a bad, bad place we glimpse in the movie, so you get what he’s saying here.)

Great stuff, Mr. Peele - an incredible achievement for a first-time filmmaker. Be nice if Get Out actually won something, and if it does, a quick word to the ‘Academy’: make sure you actually give them the award this time, yeah?

(Image: Rex)