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Jeremy Corbyn is going to be on 'Gogglebox' with a 'mystery celebrity'

Fingers crossed it's Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn is going to be on 'Gogglebox' with a 'mystery celebrity'

Gogglebox is one of those shows you just can’t help but love. You were probably skeptical at first - it’s just watching other people watching TV, why would I want to watch that? - but all it takes is one episode to convert you. It’s clean, joyful fun.

The show’s stars come from all different backgrounds, as as such is enjoyed by people from all different walks of life, including, it seems, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Determined to ensure Robert Webb is no longer the most famous Jez to feature on a Channel 4 prime-time show, the leader of the opposition will be joined on the sofa by a mystery celebrity for a special charity episode. We’d put money on Jez’s best mate Stormzy, if we had to take a guess.

According to the BBC, the special episode – which will help raise money for Stand Up to Cancer – is due to be filmed this coming weekend.

The show is due back on our screens this week, with the charity episode set to air on 3 November.

This means we’ll get to see Corbyn in his lounging around clothes. Is he the sort of person who changes into joggers to watch TV, or does he wear his work clothes at home?

Perhaps he’ll be more in line with the outfit he wore for his entrance on another Channel 4 show, The Last Leg.

it remains to be seen which shows Jezza will be dissecting, but we assume EastEnders will be among them.

Why? Well, the Labour leader admitted his plan after the last election was to catch up on all the episodes of the soap that he had missed.

But will the producers be brave enough to get him watching Theresa May’s car-crash conference speech as part of the broadcast?

Other celebrities to appear on the Gogglebox Stand Up to Cancer specials in the past include Jamie Dornan, Nick Frost and members of the England football team.

As for Corbyn’s celebrity sofa partner, we’re hoping Channel 4 have selected the Prime Minister for the role and not told either of them about the plans.

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