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Jeremy Corbyn actually just tweeted this and it’s hilarious

Doing up his tie, he is not…

Jeremy Corbyn actually just tweeted this and it’s hilarious

It looks like Jeremy Corbyn is refusing to roll over and take David Cameron’s punches after that “put on a suit and do up your tie” quip at the House of Commons last week, possibly the poshest comeback of all time.

Labour’s leader hit back today by posting a mock newspaper front page declaring tracksuits a total fashion revival, poking fun at the time he was photographed out running errands in the grey number last year.

Calling it his ‘dream newspaper front cover’, Corbyn appears to be taking his laid-back fashion in his stride as he’s flanked by three tuxedo-wearing models on a runway.

Once threatening to turn up to the House of Commons in push bike lycra and telling ITV’s Tom Bradby that his fashion sense is not changing any time soon, Corbyn might just have become the political fashionista that we so desperately deserve.

The tweet has been retweeted over a thousand times since last night, but there’s no denying that the replies might be even better than the tweet itself.  One user posted: “Yes Jezza your Bringing Sexy and Socialism back Babe!” (sic), another just declaring “ROADMAN”.

The jury’s out on whether waiting nearly a week to retaliate to the Prime Minister has actually done him any favours, but there’s another PMQ’s on tomorrow to get excited about. Kinda.