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Cameron is now using Prime Minister's Questions to make 'mum jokes'

Next week at PMQs: Cameron gives Corbyn a Chinese burn.

Cameron is now using Prime Minister's Questions to make 'mum jokes'

What a wretched week it's been for Jeremy Corbyn.

Firstly, Labour's leader found himself on the receiving end of a ‘Who are you?’ gag from the Tory benches - resulting in the sort of public humiliation normally reserved for freaky dream sequences in films. And today during Prime Minister's Questions, his ongoing feud with David Cameron reached new levels of immaturity when mums were brought into it.

Yes, mums.

Interrupted by a Labour back-bencher who asked what his mother would think about his government’s continued cuts of local NHS services after Cameron's mum signed a petition against him, the Prime Minister stopped, repeated the question, before deciding to use it for more point scoring against his bearded rival:

“She’d look across the dispatch box and say, ‘Put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem," he bellowed, his braying Tory jackals cackling with laughter before he'd even sat back down.

We're not even sure his mother would actually say that, but then we're no experts, and a penny for Corbyn's thoughts as he gingerly pulled himself back to his feet as the barrage of belly laughs intensified.

His colleagues didn't look too perturbed. A few shakes of the head from Shadow Secretary Angela Eagle aside, Tom Watson wasn't the only Labour MP to let a wry smile slip as his leader stood with his head down waiting for the chuckles to die down.

Next week at PMQs: Cameron gives Corbyn a Chinese burn.