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Jagermeister launches its very own Jager (Bath) Bomb

Because who wouldn’t want to lie in a bath smelling of Jager?

Jagermeister launches its very own Jager (Bath) Bomb
01 April 2020

The Jager Bomb has become a staple on a night out, so much so that Jagermeister is trying its hand at a different type of bomb - a bath bomb.

That’s right, the herbal liquor that students love so much is being turned into a luxurious Jager Bath Bomb, which just so happens to be being released on 1 April…

Jagermeister launches it very own Jager (Bath) Bomb

The limited-edition gift sets contain 2 Jager bath bombs, 2 Jagermeister bandanas and 2 tiny bottles of Jagermeister - everything you need for a relaxing bath.

Be warned, the bombs will turn your bath water a vibrant green before filling your bathroom with the scents of aniseed, sweet orange and cinnamon.

The limited-edition Jagermeister bath bomb sets are available on their website now for the almost unbelievable price of £9.99.