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Five little-known (but good) subreddits that will suck your time into a black hole

The little things that will whisk your mind away from whatever it is you may be doing, no matter the situation

Five little-known (but good) subreddits that will suck your time into a black hole
24 July 2018

You’re on the train home from or to work, and a little clip shows you a cat trying to climb a gate, to which, its demise is falling straight over the other side. Suddenly your over-worked brain craves more of these cheap but somehow amazing clips and pics; Mr Hyde makes it easier for you with these prize picks.

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Misleading Puddles

“I swear it looked like a puddle from my seat”

Childish humour first. A collection of gifs showing people thinking a puddle is shallow, only to discover it, well, isn’t. A bit like that running joke in Groundhog Day where Ned Ryerson keeps yelling, “Watch out for that last step, it’s a doozy”. Actually, we suppose most of the laughs in Groundhog Day would class as running jokes.

Dead Trees and Stars

Ah the aesthetically pleasing tree…isn’t it just so…so tree-like

We wanted a nature one, it came down to this or EarthPornGifs. But putting that in the headline … who knows if your email filters would allow it? And this has wonderfully strict rules: “Multiple trees are allowed, but be careful when posting forests”, “The sun is a star, but it doesn’t count”. That’s us told.

Find the Sniper

Like a game of Where’s Wally? (foolproof method for finding Wally here btw) just with photographs of landscapes and hidden snipers. It’s now expanded from its original remit to include all kinds of “Find the…” challenges. In fact, here’s a good one to start with: why not play a quick game of Find The Cat in your office now?

Old News

It may be old, but it’s still relevantly hilarious

A collection of offbeat news stories from history. Think the regular news is too reactionary? It turns out it’s always been this way. Take this Eighties warning demonising Dungeons And Dragons: “You do not casually play this game, just as you do not casually take heroin”. You have been warned, ironic board game-playing hipsters.

Burgers Gone Wild

“Could have sworn it was the leaning tower of Pizza, not the leaning tower of burger?”

Lots of pictures of burgers, mostly written with innuendo-laden headlines befitting the “…Gone Wild” title. There’s not much else to say about it really (other than maybe complimenting it with these McDonald’s super hacks) – you have all the information. So why don’t we use this opportunity to also recommend BeerWithAView, which is also pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy.

Also: a shout out to /r/superbowl, which made us laugh a lot. And /r/ItWasAGraveyardGraph, although the joke only works if you know /r/TheyDidTheMath and /r/TheyDidTheMonsterMath are subreddits too!

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