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Britain is hooked on watching people cross a puddle in Newcastle

The internet at its finest

Britain is hooked on watching people cross a puddle in Newcastle
06 January 2016

If there's one thing that unites the Great Britain, it's the weather.

And with the recent floods, it's not been out of the news for weeks. But now, thanks to the internet, weathertalk has been taken to a whole new level.

Some unknown hero has set up a live stream on Periscope of a large puddle in the Drummond Central area of Newcastle. Sounds boring right? Well, you'd be bang wrong. As it turns out that it's weirdly addictive to watch how people deal with navigating the watery obstacle.

Will they be a #wallwanker? Will they confidently march through? Will they tiptoe through it with huge amounts of trepidation?

Who knows, but as we type there are over 3,500 people all eagerly watching #drummondpuddlewatch.

Sod the Labour reshuffle and the North Korean hydrogen bomb: this is what the British public want to watch.

You can head to the livestream here - and we've compiled a selection of the best comments and clips so far below.

EDIT: the livestream ended at around 5pm - the puddle was a victim of its own success, with visitors bringing lilos, diving into it, and selling bottles of its water on ebay. It shone brightly, but briefly. Remember her below.