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Is Liam Gallagher about to return to music?

Oasis frontman hints at return

Is Liam Gallagher about to return to music?

He's been increasingly erratic on Twitter over the past months, so we're starting to think Liam should get back in music just so he has something to fill up his days and stop him getting bored.

Mercifully, it looks like the man himself is finally stirring with new energy after posting the following tweet:

And before the inevitable questions about whether this means an Oasis reunion, there's an emphatic 'no' on that score, going on the evidence of a previous missive:

Liam hasn't been active in a musical sense since his band Beady Eye split in October 2014 after two albums, 2011's Different Gear, Still Speeding and 2013's BE. The band's records were relatively well-received but were comfortably outsold by the two albums Noel Gallagher has issued under his High Flying Birds moniker.

So what has Liam been up to recently? Well, there was a nice video screenshot of John Lennon and a tweet which read simply 'sex pistols':

And then there was a whole lot of tweeting photos of Noel accompanied by the word 'POTATO'.

Get in that studio sooner rather than later mate.