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New iPhone 11 launch: Price, specs and colour options

Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 11

New iPhone 11 launch: Price, specs and colour options
Holly Pyne
10 September 2019

After months and months of speculation, the new iPhone 11 is here. Here is everything you need to know about Apple’s latest iPhone and when it’ll be available for you.

At an event on Tuesday 10 September, Apple announced it will be releasing three new phones. And, with the event’s tagline being ‘by innovation only’ we were expecting big things.

In some ways, the iPhone 11 model is relatively unchanged. Apple have not jumped on many of the latest trends for this iPhone. It does not have 5G, and it is not ‘foldable’.

It still has the lightning connector. There were suggestions the lightning connector would be replaced with a USB-C port but it seems its makers decided to keep the Apple-only port.

But it will have 6.1-inch display, use Apple's new A13 Bionic chip and spacial audio giving users a cinematic experience. It is also water and dust resistant for the clumsy among us, and has Face ID to stop unwanted snoops.

The main change is a camera upgrade — the iPhone 11 now has a dual-lens camera: one zoom 12MP lens, and a new 12MP wide-angle option. With the camera comes a number of modes including portrait mode, night mode (for low light settings) and even a High Key Mono mode (which can turn your coloured photos into black and white).

Though due to its size, the camera now takes up a good corner of the back of the phone. The large square bump is not as sleek as we’ve come to expect from Apple, but is expected to give a big boost to Apple’s photo quality.

So, what about the front camera? With the iPhone 11 we are going to get an upgraded 12MP sensor. A welcome addition we’re sure if you love a selfie. If you really love selfies, you can even try the slow-motion video option for a 'slowfie'.

The iPhone 11 will be available to buy from $699 in six colour options including purple, yellow, green, white and red.

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