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We asked stylish men of Instagram what you should wear this summer

How to look cool by the pool

We asked stylish men of Instagram what you should wear this summer
04 July 2017

With more and more people becoming online ‘influencers’ than ever before, the idea of being ‘internet famous’ is no longer restricted to those with a seemingly endless amount of 0s in their bank balance. Now people of any background can become an online influencer (although, it probably helps to have a fair chunk start-up cash at hand...) and, especially in the fashion world, as all that’s required is dedication, a good eye, and a passion for all things style-related.

In an attempt to understand how we can all be more stylish in SS17 (and hopefully better at Instagram) we spoke to some of the app’s most stylish people to get their opinions on what we should be wearing this summer.

Morgan Weekes (@Morprime)

Morgan is Director of Crepe City, Europe’s biggest trainer festival, which is held bi-annually in Shoreditch’s Truman Brewery. Morgan is widely regarded as one of the country’s most knowledgeable sneakerheads, and has 25.6k followers on Instagram, which is good.

SL: What do you think the biggest trends are for SS17?

MW: Right now I feel it's mix between expensive late ‘90s running shoes and the latest Tech & Fashion hybrids from Nike, Asics, and adidas.

Which brands do you think are nailing it this season?

As above, adidas and its Boost cushion have been the choice of the social savvy, covering most of our feeds, that being said I'm a huge fan of Reebok as I feel it's the best bang for your buck and forthcoming models from Nike are ridiculously good.

What are your ultimate summer trainers?

  1. Nike Flyknit Presto – I'd normally go for the racer but these best them on comfort while still being light and breezy. My favourite flyknit update on a classic pair so far.
  2. Reebok Workout – Easily worn with most outfits, cheap, strong and an essential for any collection.
  3. Nike Vapormax – Nikes latest runner makes the list, the sole unit is a major talking point and head turner. While it doesn't have the comfort of Boost these make up for it in the looks department.
  4. Ultra Boost – Can't really leave these off any list. If you've never tried a pair, go to your nearest store and ask, I highly recommend it. Nothing comes close in terms of comfort.
  5. Adidas slides – I'm not sure I can throw this in a trainers list as they're basically flip-flops, but adidas make the best sliders on the market, and you can even customise them on their site.

Geo Austin (@Onlygeo)

One of London's most exciting young designers, Geo not only runs his own brand, Given Orders, but he's also carved out a niche as one of the capital's most stylish Instagrammers with over 22k followers.

SL: What do you think the big trends are for SS17?

GA: The same as every summer – all white kicks, preferably Nike AF1 Low as they're simple, clean, and cheap. Not to mention they go with almost everything. I've also been wearing a lot more loud colours this summer, a lot of red, blue, whites. Just trying to avoid wearing black until winter. 

Which brands do you think are nailing it this summer?

A Cold Wall, Supreme and Given Orders (G-O). 

What's your go-to look when you're by the pool?

Probably some Yeezy V2s, or low Vans as they've got a lot of grip and are very easy to slip on and off. Some shorts and a T-shirt from Palace and a small bag for the essentials, probably a Gucci side-bag or a Supreme pouch.

Ned Membery (@Membery3000)


Business as usual

A post shared by Ned Membery @dukescupboard (@membery3000) on

One half of trendy vintage store Duke’s Cupboard (the store ShortList called one of the coolest in the capital), Ned has been running market stalls across London for nearly a decade where he sells some of the city’s most desirable retro clobber. He’s got 1694 followers on his personal and 19.5k on the Duke’s Cupboard Instagram.

SL: What are your favourite trends for SS17?

NM: For the last few years I’ve really liked pieces that nobody else has, so a lot of the time I get my own clothes when I do the buying for the shop.

Which brands are nailing it at the moment?

I love Stone Island, particularly vintage stuff from the early to mid 2000s: all the designs by [creative director] Paul Harvey are sick. Nike shoes and [Canadian outerwear brand] Arc'teryx are my other favourites.

What’s your go-to look when you’re by the pool?

Probably just something really simple like swim shorts, a watch, and my jewellery. I get most of my jewellery from a few pawnbrokers in Hatton Garden and there’s a good shop in Brighton called The Lanes Watch Company.

Milo Harley (@Duke_Milo)

The other half of trendy vintage store Duke’s Cupboard, Milo has an almost identical background to Ned and has been selling cool retro gear in Soho for most of his adult life. He’s got 4234 on his personal, as well as the nearly twenty-thousand followers on the Duke’s Insta.

SL: What are your favourite trends for SS17?

MH: I’m into a lot of the ‘90s bootleg stuff at the moment: there’s a lot of Gucci and Chanel fakes that look really cool. They all seem to be making a big comeback.

Which brands are nailing it at the moment?

Supreme and Palace are killing it. Stone Island did a collection that was a re-release of all the classic Stone Island Marina pieces which was really popular.

What’s your go-to look when you’re by the pool?

I just got a pair of vintage Dolce & Gabbana swim-shorts so definitely those, a Hawaiian shirt, and I’ve got some mad vintage Cartier shades.

Nathan Rosen (@youngnathanrosen)

At only 14 years old Nathan is one of streetwear’s most up and coming names, he was recently billed as the ‘new Gully Guy Leo’ and, despite being half your age, is almost infinitely more cool than you (and with over 9k Instagram followers, quite demonstrably so).

SL: What do you think the big trends are for SS17?

NY: Baggy nylon tracksuit bottoms, plain T-shirts, Air Max, and football jerseys. I hate football but I love the kits.

Which brands are nailing it this summer?

Stussy, Patta, and Supreme. Stussy is a fuckin’ sick brand and always has been. Patta is always clean and has some really cool colourways this season. Supreme has made a few nice shirts this season that I really like.

You’re only 14 years old, how did you end up getting into streetwear so young?

I got into streetwear because I’ve been collecting trainers since I was in year 5 and my dad got me a pair of the Jordan 11 Low Concords, since then I’ve been hooked on sneakers and like most people that just led onto getting into streetwear.

Any tips on how we can improve our Instagram game?

Just do your own thing. If people like what you’re doing, then the followers will come. If you’re going out looking for a background all day just so you can take a picture against it and really don't enjoy it, then don't do it.

Zak Maoui (@Zakimaoui)

With razor sharp cheekbones and a very individual style, Zak has carved out a career working as a fashion writer, sometimes model, and as an influencer for the likes of New Look. Oh, and he has 14.3k followers on Instagram.

SL: What are your big trends for SS17?

ZM: Personally I’m really into over-sized shoulders, ‘90s throwbacks, and checkerboard prints for summer.

What brands are nailing it this summer?

Martine Rose, Gosha Ruchinskiy, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Fendi, MSGM.

What’s your go-to look when by the pool?

Swimming shorts by Ralph Lauren or Orlebar Brown or retro sports shorts. I never ever wear flip flops and don't own any. I'd rather wear trainers until the moment I have to take them off.

Any tips on how to improve our Instagram game?

Engage with people on the same page as you – people who share the same interests, follow the same sort of people. (Also tagging brands who are likely to share your content.)

Joel and Jon Claudio (@Claudio4th)

One half of fashion’s most snapped family (along with brothers Just and Juven), Joel, 18, and Jon, 11, have had a meteoric rise to fame after they were snapped at last year’s LCM. Often referred to as the ‘Gucci brothers’, they’ve since seen their faces plastered over everything from Hypebeast to Vogue. Difficult to calculate the follower rate because Joel just deleted his page, but Jon has over 1,200.

SL: What do you think the big trends are this summer?

Joel: Definitely fanny packs. They’re cool because they're easier to carry around than a tote bag. Nike have overtaken adidas again, the collabs Nike have been doing are ridiculously good for the Summer/Spring. Tracksuits are also a massive trend this summer: they’re the ultimate one piece.

Which brands are killing it this summer and why?

Jon: The Vetements x Champion collab is really sick because brands are realising mixing high end with sportswear can be very successful. Balenciaga hands down are killing it this summer. Especially their sock runners which look so slick.

Joel: A-Cold Wall Air Force 1s are probably one of them most creative air forces I have seen. I don't really like AF1 but I would wear them.

Any tips on how we can improve our Instagram game?

Joel: Be yourself! Keep the same energy you have online for real life as well.