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'Incredibles 2' is smashing box office records already

Turns out people still like superheroes

'Incredibles 2' is smashing box office records already
18 June 2018

We all knew that Incredibles 2 would do well - it’s Pixar, they always do well. It’s superheroes, they always do well. It’s a first sequel, they always do well. But did we know exactly how well? No, we didn’t, because it was very well.

How well it did was: it broke the record for the biggest animated movie opening, ever.

Over the weekend, it raked in $180 million, meaning it beat the previous contender, Finding Dory, by $45 million. It was also the eighth highest opening of anything, ever, and the best for a PG rated movie - the previous winner being the Beauty And The Beast remake, which made $174.6 million.

It’s also the third-highest opening this year, behind Black Panther ($202 million) and Avengers: Infinity War ($257.7 million) - not a bad haul, it must be said. NOT A BAD HAUL AT ALL.

The movie, which takes place three months after the original film, follows the Parr family of superheoes as they battle a new big-bad, whilst also trying to maintain a favourable public image. And then there’s the whole ‘family life’ thing to tackle, as well.

It stars Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson as everyone’s favourite ice-shooting spandex-fan, Frozone. 

It’s in UK cinemas July 13, where it will most likely smash the box office another new one. The box office, now with three arseholes - what a time to be alive!

In other box office news, Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom is currently eating up the competition, with a $370 million opening worldwide (not including the US, where it hasn’t been released yet), including the fourth-biggest Chinese opening in history. It’s on course for a £150 million opening in America - everyone still loves dinosaurs, don’t they? Those big smelly lizards still collect the dough.

Elsewhere, Solo is continuing to underperform ($339.5 million worldwide), but Ocean’s 8 is still going strong with $37.1 million so far. It’s good that people still go to the cinema, ain’t it?

(Image: Disney)