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Incredible Star Trek-Inspired Watch

Incredible Star Trek-Inspired Watch

Incredible Star Trek-Inspired Watch

Well this is fascinating.

Renowned French watchmaker Vianney Halter has created this true work of art: an exquisite timepiece inspired by the space station featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Halter apparently credits Star Trek with renewing his interest in watchmaking, having believed his days as a master craftsman were over - his last original watch was made back in 2007. However, after watching the show, his constant dreams told him that he should create something new: and thus, the Deep Space Tourbillon was born.

It is a truly beautiful mechanism, incorporating a spinning triple axis tourbillon, which represent the three axes of Euclidian space and have revolution times of 40 seconds, 6 minutes and 30 minutes respectively, meaning that when the tourbillon has returned to the same position - every 30 minutes - it has offered 1,800 different viewpoints onto the balance wheel.

He expects to produce just 100 of them, with the price tag an enormous 180,000 Swiss Francs (£124,351). The first has apparently already been purchased by a Chinese collector - you'd better start saving to get your hands on one of them.

[via Gizmodo]

Images: Vianney Halter