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BBC News screwed up last night and it turned out to be exactly what the country needed

No news is good news

BBC News screwed up last night and it turned out to be exactly what the country needed
21 June 2017

For nigh on three years what have we been faced with on the news each night? Political chaos. Human tragedy. Senseless violence. Beloved celebrities dying in droves.

Have you ever wished it would just stop?

Well, last night, it did.

A technical glitch before the BBC News at 10 meant that two minutes of Huw Edwards sitting in absolute silence was broadcast to the nation. And it was truly glorious.

BBC News at 10 editor Paul Royall explained on Twitter that the broadcaster's technical system had crashed seconds before going on air, which meant that the director was forced to switch to a back-up system. However, it took two whole minutes before it kicked in, meaning that we were treated to the sight of Huw looking wistfully around, checking his screens, gently writing some last-minute notes – or perhaps a poem – and generally just looking very relaxed, presumably while there was chaos behind the scenes.

Twitter seemed united in the belief that it was a blessed relief to have no news for once.

Edwards himself later posted a picture of a delicious-looking Welsh beer, saying: "I think I'm going to enjoy this little beauty after that Ten. Iechyd da! [Welsh for 'Cheers']"

And if you enjoyed the two minutes’ silence, get yourself ready for the extended remix – on the BBC News channel, which was not able to switch back to the continuity announcer to stall for time. There were four whole minutes and a lot of ‘breaking news’ announcements before the real thing kicked in.