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Watch #hurtbae, the excruciating confrontation between a cheat and his ex-girlfriend

The brutal reality of #HurtBae is uniting the internet in outrage

Watch #hurtbae, the excruciating confrontation between a cheat and his ex-girlfriend
16 February 2017

Prepare yourselves, because this is brutal.

The Scene posted a video on Twitter yesterday which features six minutes and forty four seconds of emotional trauma.

Captioned simply “He cheated on her. Now she wants to know why”, it proceeded to see the two exes sat opposite each other, with Kourtney Jorge – the cheatee – asking Leonard Long III – the cheater – to explain why he did what he did when they were together, while plaintive piano music plays in the background.

First, you must subject yourself to watching it. We would say it’s good for the soul, but that would be a lie. It’s very bad for the soul. But you’re here, you’ve got this far, so you’re going to watch it. Off you go. Bring tissues.

Jesus. Honestly.

I know you can’t judge until you know both sides of the story, and ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ etc and all those other nonsense platitudes, but honestly. What a prick. What a cold-blooded, selfish bastard.

That moment, that moment when Long asks why she stayed with him, even when she knew what he was doing and she replies “Because you were my best friend.”

Thank you Leonard Long III. Thank you for making every other man on earth look like a great guy in comparison.

Needless to say, the internet was outraged, joining together in solidarity under the banner of #hurtbae.

But – thank God, for some light to enter this world of perpetual darkness – there is some good news. It seems Kourtney is OK now.

However, suspicions remain, with the Twitter account having only been created a matter of hours ago.

Which leads us to think – is this Frankee and Eamonn all over again?