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Hunter's Rain-Ready Summer Coats

Hunter's Rain-Ready Summer Coats

Hunter's Rain-Ready Summer Coats

We were surprised as you were. 

After a seeming 100-day absence, the sun put in an appearance on a bank holiday, brightening the lives of intrepid outdoor explores and landlords with large pub gardens. Ice cream dripped, grass was trampled and the occasional flip of a flip flop could be heard. 

But we're not about to recommend you fill your wardrobe with short sleeves: we know how fickle our summer is, which is why we've taken a liking to Hunter's new outerwear collection.

Best known for their mud-loving boots, Hunter have expanded on their rain-dogging range with a selection of vinyl windcheaters, ponchos and waxed jackets. 

Waterproof and laden with fasteners and pockets, the ponchos (£140) and windcheaters (£130) seemed squarely at the summer's festival crowd.

The fitted cuts of the officer's jacket (£290) and parka (£320) provide the same functional waterproofing, but with a touch more design flair. 

We would say that they're nice enough to warrant the return of some drizzle, but no coat is ever that good. 

You can find the full range over on the Hunter's website