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Here's how to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook

Check if you dare

Here's how to find out if someone has blocked you on Facebook
23 February 2018

If you’re a Facebook user, there’s a good chance you will have at least thought about blocking someone at some point; maybe it was that furious row about Brexit with an elderly relative, being rudely cropped out of a picture or those endless, infuriating FarmVille requests.

And if you’ve ever wanted to find out if someone on the platform has blocked you, here’s how to do it.

The first step is to search for the person’s name in the Facebook search bar. If they don’t appear it either means they’ve blocked you or deleted their account. To be absolutely sure, you’ll need to find an old conversation with that person on Facebook Messenger.

Click on the conversation and if their photo shows the default Facebook profile photo and their name is emboldened and unclickable then – sorry – you’ve been BLOCKED. If you try to send them a message on Facebook it will say there’s been an error.

Once you’ve been blocked you won’t be able to see their profile, send them a friend request, send them a message or comment on their stuff.

But you needs ‘em anyway! It’s their loss!

He blo… blocked… me… NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Anyway, we recently reported about a new forecast suggesting that 700,000 UK teenagers and young adults will leave the site in 2018, with many defecting to the likes of rival Snapchat.

Meanwhile, the only demographics which will see an increase in users are those aged 45+, with the biggest growing group being silver surfers aged 65 or above.

So, the bad news: if you still use Facebook, you’re officially old.

And that’s not the only problem Facebook has to deal with. Jim Carrey recently revealed he has deleted his account, is dumping stock he owns in it, and is urging everyone to boycott the social network because he’s had enough of what he sees as them profiting from Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

Bad times for Zuckerberg… 

(Image: Tim Bennett / iStock)