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How to beat the heat and still look good

From linen suits to breathable trainers, these are the summer essentials you need right now

How to beat the heat and still look good
20 July 2016

Constantly sweaty, dry-mouthed and sleep deprived from humid living conditions. Summer is really a magical time, isn’t it? But dressing for it isn’t always the best, as a lot of us can only achieve optimum comfort by being completely naked, which the general public have some sort of gripe about (prudes).

So to keep you from being arrested, we’ve rounded up the best of summer clothing and accessories that’ll leave you feeling free and looking sharp.

Save your sole

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In 30 degree heat, everyone’s feet are an absolute state, not just yours. You can aid them though without resorting to Crocs (blergh) with Nike’s black suede trainers, which are exceptionally light and have woven sides to ensure optimal give and breathability.


Sleeve it out

We can’t all pull off a vest, but a light t-shirt in a soft-touch jersey with capped sleeves is the next best thing to give your arms some fresh air.


Fresh linen

Some terribly selfish people love to have weddings abroad in the high temperatures of summer. How dare they! However, if you need to go to them and suit up, opt for lightweight linen tailoring with cropped trousers for maximum comfort and style.


Throw some shade-s

This Scottish shades brand has just received funding from Richard Branson due to their extreme online popularity. Why the hype you ask? Well these sunglasses work with the warm colour palette of the sun to enhance everything you see; making everyday life look like it’s filtered through Instagram.


All white on the night

As much as we want to sit around topless eating foreign tomato-flavoured crisps all day, sometimes a smart shirt is required for the night time. This Riviera-inspired white revere collar shirt is made with a loose weave inspired by British made cotton fabric, giving it a light textured finish that won’t cling to your sweaty back.


Get ripped

Denim shorts come around every summer, but this season it’s all about rips and frays for a distressed grunge feel. As well as being on-trend, rips are also practical to get more air circulating through your bottom half. Win win.


Making waves

The most technical beach watch you’ll ever see. The Ultratide features wireless Bluetooth technology to provide you with real-time data; tide, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and air temperatures. Even if you don’t surf, this is a seriously cool watch to have on holiday.


Just keep swimming

These authentic board shorts by extreme sports brand Patagonia have polyester ripstop with 40-UPF sun protection, plus they feature inseam-free inner thighs for chafe-free comfort.


Check this out

This may look like a bog-standard gingham shirt, but it's so much more than that. It's crafted from a lighter weight fabric with superior quick dry properties, but still maintains a four way stretch and never needs any dry cleaning.


Snapback to the future

There isn't much point doing your hair in 30 degree heat, because that product is going to run down your forehead and into your eyes before you know it. Save time and energy by investing in a classic adidas snapback.