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That ‘House of Cards’ spinoff we hoped we were getting has been ditched

Season six really will be the end

That ‘House of Cards’ spinoff we hoped we were getting has been ditched
Tom Victor
01 November 2018

When we learned the upcoming season of House of Cards would be its last, we were still clinging onto our enthusiasm about a spinoff show focusing on secondary character Doug Stamper.

We anticipated a new narrative to fill the gap, much like Better Call Saul has done so superbly for fans of Breaking Bad.

However, we have some bad news for you: the side-project, which would have starred Michael Kelly, has officially been canned.

“There was talk of a spinoff for awhile, and we went well down the road on that, Kelly told Variety, adding that he found it “very hard to say goodbye to that character”.

“I would’ve liked to have played him more, but when they decided not to do that, I was OK. I was really OK with it.

“I felt like I had done him justice, and it was an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Doug has been an integral character to the show since its first season, and has stuck it out until the final run of episodes.

House of Cards was the first original series to air on Netflix when it debuted in February 2013, but was cancelled and the final season trimmed from 13 to eight episodes following allegations of sexual misconduct levelled at star Kevin Spacey.

The fate of Spacey’s character Frank Underwood has been revealed ahead of the season six premiere on 2 November, with Claire Underwood - played by Robin Wright - due to take centre stage for the final run of episodes.

Wright’s character has become the first female US President by the start of the sixth season, and the first trailers see her contend with new pressures and deal with Doug and others.

Since starring in House of Cards, Kelly has also landed roles in Black Mirror and Secret in their Eyes, while he is due to feature in Jack Ryan when the second season of the show airs in 2019.

While House of Cards will be no more after season six, we can at least look forward to The First, a new show from creator and former showrunner Beau Willimon.

(Images: Netflix)