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'House of Cards' creator believes Trump's Twitter 'must be removed'

"It is arguable that he has violated Twitter rules regarding violent threats, harassment & hateful conduct”

'House of Cards' creator believes Trump's Twitter 'must be removed'
06 March 2017

If there’s one man that knows about sociopathic politicians, it’s Beau Willimon.

He was the man who created the hugely-successful Netflix series House of Cards – based on the 1990 BBC miniseries of course – and the guy who plotted the journey of the dastardly Frank Underwood from House Majority Whip all the way to the White House.

Of course, real life has proved stranger than fiction with the scarcely-believable rise of Donald Trump from reality TV star to the 45th President of the United States, a path that was undoubtedly aided by his ability to use Twitter to talk directly to his supporters.

By doing so, he was able to bypass the traditional press and, furthermore, bypass any sort of fact-checking filter, enabling him to say whatever he liked.

However, in a series of – irony klaxon – tweets, writer and producer Willimon, who recently left the show after overseeing the first four series, has explained how he believes that Trump’s accounts – both his personal and POTUS – should be taken down, in accordance with the social network’s own rules.

Here is Willimon’s argument, spurred by Trump’s latest tweet accusing President Obama of tapping his phones during the election (a claim for which, predictably, there has so far been no evidence):

Even if you don’t buy that argument, another tweet from Willimon seems to make complete sense:

Solid plan.