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Hero owner builds incredible mansion for his dogs, because they deserve it

This is how all dogs should be treated

Hero owner builds incredible mansion for his dogs, because they deserve it
25 August 2017

Is there a Dog Hall of Fame? There should be a Dog Hall of Fame. Stick Lassie in as a first ballot. Put Matt Nelson from We Rate Dogs in there too. And while we’re at it, put dog owner Aaron Franks right into the top tier.

If Carlsberg made dog owners...

Aaron has spent the last two years building a mini mansion masterpiece for his four pitbulls, Tessa, Bruno, Coupe, and Mia. Boasting a mini pool, a garden with a fire hydrant for… business, a water dispenser and more, this mansion is so nice Aaron could probably charge £800-a-month for it in rent if it was in London. 

Here’s the mini pool


The mansion has a mini pool

A view from above

It's big enough for humans, let alone dogs

It’s even got mood lighting

Such atmospheric lighting

“My love for dogs is what inspired me,” Aaron told “I feel like after all they have done for me I wanted to do something special for them.”

Cleverly, Aaron built the mansion off the side deck of the family home, so all four of his dogs can escape to wonderland through the doggie door when they fancy some cosy living. 

“My dogs love it,” Aaron says. “The older ones chill, the younger ones jump all over the place.” 

The play area

Wonder what this is for?

He's thought of every eventuality...

As for how he got the ideas for the mansion, Aaron took the ‘Field of Dreams’, if you build it, they will come approach. “I’ve never built anything like it before. I just winged it – no plans, just a vision. It wasn’t difficult, but it took over two years due to financial reasons. Every month I would go out and and do a little more, sometimes just a few boards at a time.”

Good work Aaron, your dogs must love it and it’s well deserved. Into the Dog Hall of Fame you go.