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Unique Halloween costumes and where to get them

A roundup of the most terrifying, stylish and lazy fancy dress ideas

Unique Halloween costumes and where to get them
28 September 2016

Sure, you could dress as Jared Leto's Joker this Halloween and get lost in a crowd of drawn on tattooed, green haired men who all dressed the same for Halloween because they wanted to bag themselves a Harley Quinn.

Or, you could be intelligent about it and stand out at a party with these contemporary costumes inspired by our favourite shows and movies.

Bojack Horseman

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of men like the cold, dead eyes of a horse. What are you thinking, gallop boy? Is there murder on your mind? Who knows, but for a cheap and terrifying Halloween costume just buy this creepy horse mask and get wasted on cheap booze to fully commit to the Bojack Horseman character.

Peaky Blinders

If you're looking for a cool Halloween costume that'll get you numbers instead of sweets, then you've found it. Everyone wants to dress like a Peaky Blinder with their sartorial Tweed suits and retro flat caps, but the problem is you'll be mistaken for a farmer (or even worse, a Mumford & Son) the other 364 days of the year. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and sharpen up with a dogstooth waistcoat, newsboy cap and pocket watch.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Green Man

Another cost effective Halloween costume, great for late buyers and just downright lazy people. Dressing as Charlie's Green Man also gives you total anonymity, which may come in handy for some people when they wake up 1 November with a room full of traffic cones and their neighbour's cats (never happened to any of us before).

Stranger Things - Eleven

A lot of people end up with a bloody nose and eating a load of waffles at the end of the night, so you might as well start the night the same way. For Eleven's costume all you need to do is shave your head (or don a blonde wig if you love your locks too much), get a terrible frilly pink dress, drip some fake blood from your nose, and carry around some Eggos (or for us Brits, whatever waffles you can get your hands on).

Narcos - Pablo Escobar

Sure, technically he was a real life serial killer sociopath who ruined thousands of lives by producing and supplying class A drugs to the masses, but it's Halloween and this definitely won't be the most offensive costume of the night. If Prince Harry can dress as a bloody Nazi, you can dress up as Pablo Escobar with just a wig and a tash.

The Royal Tenenbaums - Richie Tenenbaum

Possibly the most hipster Halloween outfit of all time. Owen Wilson's Richie Tenenbaum is the ideal fancy dress choice if all you plan to do is drink craft beer and flip the vinyl over all night. A plus of this style is that you can wear the camel suit and vintage Fila top over and over again as it's massively on trend, but we wouldn't recommend wearing a tennis headband ever again.

The Human Centipede

This one takes a lot of commitment and hard work to pull off, as you'd have to figure out how to walk with two blow up dolls trailing behind you, (as well as negotiating the obstacle of how remove them if nature calls) but the payoff would be brilliant. If you're going to a costume party with a prize involved, this definitely has the winning shock factor.

Drive - The Driver

Struggle to speak to people at events? Just plain don't like anyone, but your flatmates are having a party and you have to be there in costume? Stay stylishly silent then with Ryan Gosling's mute driver and shine in a gold souvenir jacket with the iconic scorpion emblem on the back.

Breaking Bad - Walter White

If you want to genuinely frighten people whilst embracing your love for one of the biggest pop culture shows of all time, then this Walter White mask will do the trick in dishing out nightmares to the masses, which should be worn with a hazmat suit, because worn on its own would just look like you were in some gruesome accident.


Probably the hottest thing on TV since the announcement of global warming. You might not have Poldark's abs, but you can pinch his style, which is essentially 'sexy pirate'. Just throw on a ludicrous hat and layer up with a decadent 18th century frock coat. Standing moodily on a hill is optional.