This incredible hack can get you front row tickets for the cheapest price

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Dave Fawbert

We cannot believe we never thought of this before.

One Twitter user’s mum has devised the most cunning yet simple way to get the best seats in the house for a fraction of their true cost.

Eric Griffey posted this screenshot on his Twitter feed which showed his mum explaining: “So, I found the sweet little hustle: buy nosebleed seats and then download the stub hub app. It shows you which seats haven’t been purchased. If their (sic) empty, you walk in and fill them. I’m on the floor section of the game tonight”

Utter genius.

We checked on StubHub and, while not every ticket for sale lists the row and seat number for an event, many do – meaning a quick check just before doors, pick the best ones still available and Bob’s your mother’s brother – in you go to upgrade your spot for nothing. Of course, there’s always a chance that they might sell very late on, but you’ll lose nothing for trying – besides, by that point you might spot some other vacant seats to shuffle into.

See you down the front yeah?