How to get a 16-day holiday by booking just eight days off

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Want to get the most continuous holiday for the smallest number of days off? Learn how to exploit your bank holidays

The good thing about bank holidays is mainly this: you do not have to go to work on them (for the most part). 

However, another good thing about them is that if you pick the right days to take off work, then you can exploit where they fall and end up getting huge long stretches of time off, while only taking a few days out of your annual leave. Very sneaky, yes, but completely legal and they can’t sack you, which is something you can scream through an empty loo roll as you leave the office before you jet off.

Thankfully, Health and Fitness Travel have taken a look at the coming year and nipped together a handy little guide to getting the most out of your holiday, and we’ve stuck it below, for ya. Enjoy!


Days taken off: 4

Days off in a row: 11

Days to book off: 24th, 27th, 28th & 31st December

Bank holidays: 25th, 26th December & 1st January



Days taken off: 8

Days off in a row: 16

Days to book off: 15th – 18th April & 23rd – 26th April

Bank holidays: 19th & 22nd April


Days taken off: 4

Days off in a row: 9

Days to book off: 7th – 10th May

Bank holidays: 6th May

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Days taken off: 4

Days off in a row: 9

Days to book off: 28th – 31st May

Bank holidays: 27th May


Days taken off: 4

Days off in a row: 9

Days to book off: 27th – 30th August

Bank holidays: 26th August


Days taken off: 5

Days off in a row: 12

Days to book off: 23rd, 24th, 27th, 30th & 31st December

Bank holidays: 25th, 26th December & 1st January

Good that, in’t it? All sorted for next year now - you’re the one in the office that won’t stop smugging about hacking the bank holiday, well done you. Keep going on about it, about how you’ve beaten the system, are winning at life, have conquered the man. Do it until nobody likes you! Doesn’t matter when you’re on a beach! Who needs ‘em!

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