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12 guys who absolutely nail a classic white t-shirt

It's not all Ryan Gosling, but a lot of it is...

12 guys who absolutely nail a classic white t-shirt
08 September 2016

Sometimes less is more, and this has never been truer than with a white t-shirt. It's clean and understated aesthetic has made it a wardrobe staple for all men regardless of age an income; an easy choice to throw on in the morning when you don't know what to wear that'll always look good. And regardless of going through about 20 a year due to the collection of dinner spillages, the white t-shirt has only grown in popularity, sitting at the top of the menswear food chain as the must-have basic.

But if you're yet to be won over by the iconic white t-shirt (where have you been?), here's a list of guys who'll change your mind...

Bruce Willis

There's nothing worse than getting a stain on your white t-shirt, like Bruce does in Pulp Fiction with litres of Zed's blood all over his. We suggest having a stockpile of the essential tee, because you never know when you'll get kidnapped by a sadist with an imprisoned gimp.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham. What a lad. Look at him, enjoying his non-craft beer, probably chatting about the footy. He doesn't care if he spills his kebab on it later on, and do you know why? Because it's just #banter.

James Dean

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you're down to your last clean white tee." Well, it's something along those lines.

Martin Sheen

Anyone would look kick ass with a rifle draped across their shoulders, but wearing the classic combination of a blue denim jacket and a white t-shirt makes this scene from Badlands all the more awesome.

Ryan Gosling

Only God Forgives wasn't the best movie, was it? It was basically a load of emotionally scarred people fighting. If we wanted that we'd watch Jeremy Kyle. What was great though was Gosling's scoop neck tee with rolled sleeves.

Ryan Gosling...again

Steve McQueen

Most people relax on their porch in a pair of shorts and a grubby vest. Not McQueen, it's only a premium white t-shirt and slim fit jeans for him. Comfy? God no. Cool? Incredibly.

Robert Pattinson

It's OK Rob, even though Twilight has to be one of the most embarrassing movie franchises of all time, at least you've got enough dosh to splash out on luxury white t-shirts. That was worth it, right?

Marlon Brando

That's not a pout, that's a look of pure dismay. "Stella! The cabernet sauvignon hasn't came out!" The original line from A Streetcar Named Desire. Better if you ask us.

Jeff Bridges

Not many men can make a dressing gown and a v-neck tee an iconic look, but Bridges went and done it in The Big Lebowski. If you're going au naturale underneath your robe, change your ways now.

Tom Cruise

When you're wearing such a statement jacket you need a simple top to go underneath. That doesn't mean it's second best though, as its whiteness doubles the impact of the flight jacket. We salute you, white t-shirt.

Harry Styles

The music might be utter nonsense, but Harry Styles, the saving grace of One Direction, has always been a beacon of great style. Although he's far from being a rock star, he brings out the full potential of his tee with his tattoos and greasy locks.