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The first trailer for 'The Grand Tour' season 2 is here and it looks epic

Clarkson, Hammond and May are back back back

The first trailer for 'The Grand Tour' season 2 is here and it looks epic

Dazzling landscapes, beautiful wide shots, an instantly recognisable voice… Jeremy Clarkson et al might have left the BBC, but they’ve retained an appetite for expansive trailers.

The Grand Tour is definitely paying attention to the second of those three words, if the preview for the second season is anything to go by.

Quite a bit has changed since the end of Top Gear, but Clarkson, Hammond and May are still up to a lot of their usual tricks in the new monicker on Amazon.

The first-look trailer for the upcoming season begins with the trio atop a snow-covered mountain, and it’s all downhill from there (sorry).

It’s like that scene out of Inception, only with more wry chuckles and (probably) compound swears.

The trio have returned

You’ve got everything we’ve always associated with what I guess technically counts as a motoring show: close-ups of engines; wide shots of open roads; bootcut jeans with brown shoes - the works.

It served them well in season one, which thrived while the new-look Top Gear pulled in disappointing viewing figures.

Whatever you think of Clarkson, Hammond and May, there’s no denying the chemistry between them comes naturally, even when said chemistry is one of them telling another to “bugger off”.

At its core, it’s just three guys who really, really, really love cars, sitting in cars and driving cars while smiling and emoting more in 30 seconds than they have in the rest of their lives. And it doesn’t ever pretend to be anything else.

So fasten your seatbelt, open the sunroof and turn up the dad-rock to a volume you’re absolutely comfortable with but maybe wish was a tiny bit quieter.

The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime Video on December 8, just in time to give that weird family member something to talk about around the Christmas table that isn’t ‘immigrants’ or ‘that Trump fella, eh?’.

What more do you want?

(Images: Amazon Prime Video/Rex Features)