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Glorious 8-bit Jurassic Park remake

Glorious 8-bit Jurassic Park remake

Glorious 8-bit Jurassic Park remake

We've hit peak dino. 

With the arrival of Jurassic World imminent in cinemas, the internet is awash with homages to the resurrected monsters: Cookie Monster stars in his own parody, we've got a bunch of excellent posters to mark the new instalment in the film franchise and Chris Pratt has nothing but nice words to say about working with the prehistoric creatures in our recent cover feature.

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So it's only natural that the retro addicts of CineFix get in on the act, recreating Spielberg's original adaptation of Michael Crichton's stellar novel in the form of a pixelated video game. 

With all the running from 'raptors and realigning power grids, it's a wonder that anyone's still to make a Jurassic Park game of this quality. But then, LEGO Jurassic World isn't out yet...


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