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There's a FREE gin and tonic vending machine in London right now


There's a FREE gin and tonic vending machine in London right now
23 January 2018

Here’s a silly question: Do you like gin and tonic? It’s silly, because you do. Everyone does, and if they say they otherwise, don’t trust them. They are lizards.

So, now we’ve got that out the way, here’s another silly question: Do you like free drinks?

Do you get where this is going? Essentially, free gin and tonics are good, and for two days you can can go and bloody get one, straight from Old Street station. Just head on over there, and get a FREE GIN AND ABSOLUTE TONIC for not a single penny. And it comes from a saucy little hidden secret vending machine, which clearly makes the whole steal even more exciting in almost every single way.

It’s good gin, too. LoneWolf, a distiller backed by beer experts BrewDog have set up this machine as a nod to the days of prohibition in the 1800s, where bar owners would set up naughty vending machines to dispense a contraband drop to renegade legends, like your lairy old great-great-grandma, probably.

Lovely stuff

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Doug Bairner, Managing Director of LoneWolf says:

“Gin distillation is something that runs through the veins of London’s cultural history and this vending machine installation gave us the ideal opportunity to combine innovation with the cunning wisdom of the past to unleash our LoneWolf Gin and Tonic cans on London.

“It took 192 unique distillations to perfect LoneWolf Gin, and our new gin and tonic cans are the latest manifestation of our dedication to delivering the perfect serve every time. Packing a punch at 8.8% ABV, these cans are the perfect ratio of our gin and bespoke tonic, which you can enjoy wherever you are.”

And now you can carry on their legacy, by sipping your very own prohibited cocktail - all you gotsta do is head down to Old Street station, tweet @LoneWolfSpirits using the hashtag #TheWolfOfOldStreet and you’ll get a token to pop in the machine in return for a crisp can of fun.

It’s running from 12:30-22:00 on 23 January and 12:30-17:00 on the 24th, so get your skates on and belt down there asap, you thirsty scamp!