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Get closer to your partner

Enjoy a better sex life thanks to Durex condoms

Get closer to your partner

One person you should never take for granted is your partner. With longer hours in the office and time seemingly at a premium, it’s easy to sometimes overlook the special someone in your life.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get closer to your partner. Bring yourself closer to that special someone from the first moment of arousal to the last embrace with Durex. Durex’s Ultra- Thin Feel condoms offer greater sensitivity where it matters most. After all, feeling is everything when it comes to great sex.

In fact, in the recent Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, 77 per cent of people surveyed agreed that sex can help you feel intimate and closer to your other half.

The survey also found that 62 per cent of those surveyed were very satisfied with their sex lives – hopefully that figure could be nudged up considerably if more people turned to the Durex Ulta-Thin Feel.

Durex’s thin range also includes Durex Thin Feel and Durex Close Feel. These ultra-fine condoms provide a better, sleeker fit and feel during sex, to enhance sensitivity.

“Here at Durex we are proud our range of condoms makes sex not just safer, but better too,” said Ben Smith, senior brand manager for Durex condoms. “Our Ultra-Thin Feel condoms are specifically designed to bring you intensely close to your partner. These condoms not only increase intimacy, but the ultra-thin latex creates a completely unique sexual experience.”

What are you waiting for? Get closer to your partner with the Durex thin range.

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