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George RR Martin had a lil’ spat with HBO over the 'Game of Thrones' spinoff name


George RR Martin had a lil’ spat with HBO over the 'Game of Thrones' spinoff name
08 November 2018

In a restaurant in Santa Monica Boulevard in 2006, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss sat down for a five-hour meeting with George RR Martin. Their discussion turned into a partnership that eventually produced one of the most iconic TV series of all time.

And when it was pitched to HBO, the TV network could never have imagined just how successful Game of Thrones was going to be for them.

But despite writing the epic A Song of Ice and Fire series that’s made HBO gazillions of dollars, the writer isn’t above beefing with TV bosses and being put on the naughty step.

George RR Martin has revealed that he’s been given a slap on the wrist, of sorts, for prematurely revealing the name of the first Game of Thrones spinoff series.

“Casting is now underway for THE LONG NIGHT, the first of the GAME OF THRONES successor series to ordered to film,” Martin excitedly wrote on his blog on 30 October.

And so, we all thought this would be the name of the new spinoff series. Fantastic!

Not long after that, however, HBO walked back these comments, telling /Film: “The Prequel pilot remains untitled.”

And now Martin’s come cap in hand to confirm that the show is still officially without a title.

“Oh, I should also mention… HBO has informed me that the Jane Goldman pilot is not (yet) titled THE LONG NIGHT,” he wrote on his blog this week contritely.

“That’s is certainly the title I prefer, but for the moment the pilot is still officially UNTITLED. So… mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.”

The bearded New Mexican - who adorably labelled his current mood as ‘busy’ - added: “Elsewise, the pilot is coming along well, with casting falling into place. I could tell you more, but I am not supposed to.

“We also have a couple of other successor shows still in development, but I cannot tell you about those either. Sorry.

“I better go. Lots more to do today. Believe it or not, I am working hard on a lot of things (yes, including WINDS), even though I am not allowed to talk about most of them. Eventually, I hope, you’ll all be able to enjoy the fruits of my labors. I hope…”

If you ask me it’s a little ridiculous that HBO would dare tell our boy George ANYTHING! Without him there’d be no Game of Thrones, no spinoffs, no nothing.

We love you George and may your tradition of telling us all your GOT secrets on your blog continue. 

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