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This cool 'Game of Thrones' easter egg shows us how Euron's huge warship got its name

Did you spot this?

This cool 'Game of Thrones' easter egg shows us how Euron's huge warship got its name

If there’s one thing we learnt from this week’s episode of Game of Thrones – ‘Stormborn’ – it’s that Euron Greyjoy is 100% going to be this season’s certified Bad Bastard.

Just as things were starting to get cosy among Yara and Theon’s Dorne-bound fleet, Euron showed up to make one of the most badass entrances in Game of Thrones history – laughing maniacally as he swung down from a giant ram and starting butchering Dany-allied soldiers.

After taking down the Sand Snakes – thankfully putting an end to that whole effed-up storyline – he managed to capture his niece Yara, holding an axe to her throat as he goaded Theon to step forward to try and save her.

Before Theon’s inner Reek takes over him, and we watch his heartbreaking leap from this ship into the fiery seas, we cut briefly to one of Euron’s men cutting out the tongue of a captured enemy. While this serves to remind Theon of his time in captivity with Ramsay and the sort of treatment he can expect if he is to be taken by Euron, it also has another meaning – it’s a nice nod to the books about how Silence got its name.

One of Euron's men cuts out the tongue of a captured soldier

In the books, Euron travels the seas after being exiled for impregnating his brother Victarion’s wife. At one point, his ship is caught up in the Jade Sea, east of Qarth and he loses his mind. His crew are forced to tie him to the mast to stop him from jumping overboard.

When they let him go, he rips out every last one of their tongues, and when his brother Balon later asks him why, he tells him: “I needed silence”.

Since then, Euron has continued to remove the tongues of captured enemies and add them to his ranks – with their tongues removed they obviously unable to speak, and therefore cannot plot together or conspire against him – they just mutely follow orders.

So there you go – yet another little Game of Thrones detail that proves just how much thought goes into every single moment of this show.

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