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This 'Game of Thrones' prophecy could spell the end for Daenerys

Could Dany be betrayed by someone in her circle?

This 'Game of Thrones' prophecy could spell the end for Daenerys
09 August 2017

Daenerys may be riding high after her success in the Loot Train Battle at the end of Spoils of War, but as fans of the show will know, everything in Game of Thrones works on a pendulum with no one is on top for too long. Daenerys may have once spoken of “breaking the wheel” of power in Westeros, but the Mother of Dragons is in great trouble if she doesn’t watch out for those around her

It all harks back to a prophecy told to her in season two and in the second book in the Fire And Ice series, A Clash of Kings.

Tasked with recovering her trio of dragons from the House of Undying in Quarth, Daenerys was visited by a number of visions and prophecies of her past present and future. And as one particular redditor has spotted, one of these prophecies could spell doom for Daenerys.

 ...three treasons will you know...once for blood and once for gold and once for love…

It is widely believed that Dany already suffered her "treason for blood" at the hand of the blood witch Mirri Maz Durr, who sealed the fate of Khal Drogo and doomed Daenerys unborn child at the end of season one.

“Treason for gold” is considered have been served by Jorah Mormont, who initially worked as a paid spy for Lord Varys and King Robert Baratheon before he fell in love with Daenerys.

So that leaves us with "treason of love" still to come, and someone still to deliver it. 

Who could betray Daenerys for love?

Tyrion Lannister is a leading candidate. Tyrion told Daenarys’ he loved her at the end of season six, but a rift between the two has been teased since. The current Hand of the Queen isn’t in Daenerys good books at the moment due thanks to his recent strategic blunders, and in Spoils of War, Tyrion looked shocked by the devastation wrecked by Queen Dany and Drogon. 

The trailer for episode five (watch below), Eastwatch, teases further problems between Dany and Tyrion. Might Tyrion betray the Mother of Dragons to save his brother or Kings Landing?

Missandrei is also a worry for Dany. While the Queen’s confidant has always been loyal to Dany thus far, her burgeoning romance with Grey Worm might cause problems. As Redditor mfGlove observed: “Last episode they emphasized Misandei's love for Grey Worm while also stressing how he is trapped inside of Casterly Rock; doomed to starve. She was also questioned about her allegiance to Dany and how and why she chooses to follow her. It's quite possible she betrays Dany for her love of Grey Worm.”

If Grey Worm was to be kidnapped by Lannisters, could Missandrei be made to switch sides?

Daario Naharis hasn’t been seen in season seven so far, opting to stay in Meeren while Daenerys made the trip to Westeros. Daario told Dany he loved her multiple times and currently heads up the sellsword army of the Second Sons so he is a lesser candidate here. BUT as mentioned in the start of Spoils of War Cersei is currently shopping for Essos based sellsword armies, notably the Golden Company.

Could Daario’s love for Dany cause him to pair up with the Golden Company in a warped attempt to see Dany again?

Jon Snow has been giving Dany the eye. Jon Snow invited Dany into a cave. Jon Snow won’t bend the knee. Jon Snow is secretly a Targaryen. Could Jon Snow could betray Dany to save the North?

Jorah has already betrayed Dany once for gold, so you would think he would be safe, but if you cast your mind back to season two, the character of Quaithe asked Jorah if he was going to betray Dany again before she entered the House of Undying.

Jorah said no. He loves Dany now. Could that very same love cause a returning Jorah to betray Dany in an effort to save her from something? Something like... herself?

It’s a little leftfield but could Dany betray herself? She looked to enjoy the Battle of the Loot Train just a little too much, and there have been multiple mentions of the Mother of Dragons giving into her bloodlust and becoming the Mad Queen.

Could Dany’s treason for love… be her betraying her goals… because she just loves violence?