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​Frozen 2 comes to Disney+ three months early

Fear not, the impatient will still be able to get their fix of Frozen 2.

​Frozen 2 comes to Disney+ three months early

With the current pandemic set to see swathes of the population hunker down behind closed doors, many have already set out on a two week binge-watching spree to end all binge-watching sprees.

Disney, it seems, has cottoned onto this very fact, giving streamers something of an early Easter egg in the form of Frozen 2 hitting the platform on Sunday.

Yes, you read that correctly, as if my magic the fan-favourite is hitting the platform three months earlier than initially stated.

Confirmed in a Tweet from the official DIsney+ Twitter account, the message read “Surprise! Frozen 2 is coming early to Disney Plus. Start streaming this Sunday."

Frozen 2 comes to Disney+ three months early - but Sky customers won't miss out

Currently, this is for Disney+ users in the US. Canada, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand will get the movie on Tuesday 17th March.

As Disney+ in the UK is not available until 24th March, it's not been confirmed if the movie will be on the service from launch. Frozen 2 is now available to pre-order in the UK digitally via the Sky Store for £13.99 or to buy on Amazon, though. Do that and you will get the movie on the 30th March.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Frozen, the second instalment is a continuation of the original Disney film.

Based around two sisters who live in a kingdom plunged into perpetual winter. One of the sisters, Anna, sets out with a mountaineer named Kristoff to find her sister, Snow Queen Elsa, and break the wintry spell.

Those looking to sign-up can find everything they need to know about Disney+ subscriptions and the shows available here.

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